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I am located in Israel , if you are outside of Israel it is possible to order ,

*The prices that shows in the site are in ILS - Israeli Shekels , which is (1$ = 3.5 ILS)


shipping to USA :

the shipping in the US cost 30$ for all the states 

the shipping time will take 7-30 business days.

Shipping to all the others countries:

the price is 30$ 

the shipping will take 7-30 business days.

Shipping in Israel :

the shipping is free for orders more than 300 ILS (85$) 

For orders that less than 300 ILS – 20 shekels. 

the shipping time will take Up to 7 business days.

another way (faster) - 50 shekels - up to 4 business days. 


*shipping out of Israel - the prices of the shipping According to

prices that the service offers. 

When will my order arrive? Israel - 

I will start to work on your order on the next day –

after you made the order 

The work can take 2-9 days (sometimes less) 

+ the time of the shipping (7 business days) 


Package of the Item :

packaged with our original gift box . 

Comes with Greeting card by Daniela Moreno

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